About NRA

Niki Rotor Aviation delivers ready to fly gyroplanes that suite your particular flying preferences. The main priority for our team is your safety, comfort and unique persona experience with our gyroplanes. We provide opportunities that make your flight one of a kind. We like our partners and treat them as family members. Strong business relations are based on a friendly attitude, know-how and professional expertise

Family-owned company

NRA is a family-owned company and we put a great value to our personal contacts with all our partners. The company is established officially in 2010 in Pravets, Bulgaria – a picturesque small town 60 km from the capital Sofia. Our R&D team is constantly working on perfecting each component and show the precision we are capable of.

Behind our core competence in the aviation and metal fabrication stays Niki Ltd – a leading manufacturer of bespoke and custom-made furniture in retail and hospitality in the last 25 years.
We are ISO certified and that is why 100% of all components integrated in our gyroplanes are manufactured in house. We know what quality means and we implement it in all we do. Elegant carbon shapes, precise metal components and craftsmanship are part of our daily routine.

We are proud of our design and the value engineering we have invest in developing this project. Bulgarian know-how in terms of innovation, software competences and professionalism brings a extra value to our products.

Made in Bulgaria

The whole concept and design of Kallithea and Lightning are designed and developed in our company. We are proud of our concept and the value engineering we have put in the project. Bulgaria is a small country famous for its engineering, beautiful nature and friendly people. Our production facility is only 60 km North from the capital Sofia with easy access through a highway to the small and marvelous town of Pravets.
History and development

Niki Rotor Aviation was created in 2010 in the Pravets. The company is known as a manufacturer of the first two-seater gyrocopter in Bulgaria.

In 2000, the company designed its first helicopter prototype. The machine was made of composite materials. Unfortunately, the helicopter does not reach the market potential required due to certain technical characteristics. However, the challenge of building a flying machine motivated the Rotor Team Aviation and in 2004 they started their new project – Gyrocopter for NIKI 2004.

Based on market research and observation, visiting many aviation shows world wide, Niki Rotor Aviation made all efforts required to make all dreams come true by manufacturing the first two-seated gyrocopter in Bulgaria. The body of the 2004 NIKI prototype was made of composite materials combined with plywood and aluminum. Gyrocopter NIKI 2004 successfully obtained the first flight test in December 2008 in Montana, Gabrovnitsa Airfield.

The improvements of NIKI 2004 set the new challenge in front of the company – the new prototype NIKI 2004 M ie APIS. This machine will be with the same design, but the cab will be with about 40 cm more.

Niki Rotor Aviation is working hard for the last couple of years and now the company is launching two brand new machines – Lighning and Kallithea. They combine very innovative elements, designers and constructive decisions. Both machines have one and the same cockpit and the main difference comes from the design of the tail and helix axis.New challenges ahead!

Mission and vision

Our Mission is to provide reliable gyrocopter that meets customers? needs and expectations. We focus our attention on market development by offering competitive pricing, high quality and excellent performance. Earning client?s loyalty is the driving vehicle that inspires us to invest time and effort in making safety and innovation our core competence.


Our Vision is to give the customer an unforgettable passionate flight experience.

Safety, Design and Comfort

High safety procedures are our main focus in developing and manufacturing our gyroplanes. With put safety as a priority number one so that you feel secure and confident in our gyroplanes. Light and extremely strong constructions will make your flight unbelievably dynamic.
We have high-quality processes that ensure our personal touch in every detail. High in-process quality controls ensure safety, precision and high expertise. We follow ISO certification requirements that ensure all components check and quality. All parts are manufactured in-house and give extra trust to our customers.
The final touch of gyroplanes is something that will take your breath away – elegant shapes, clean work, hand-made parts, excellent lacquering, and luxurious interiors with hand-made stitches. Our machine, your unique personality.
We want to be close to all our customers and we build a strong network with partners worldwide to give you gentle care and dedication. If you need any support regarding maintenance, flight training or the latest innovation from NRA, we are there for you.


CRUISER combines outstanding design due to the tail construction concept and gives breathtaking view from the cockpit. The machine has a comfortable seating and luggage compartment which makes the gyroplane unique for a weekend trip.
Fully carbon fuselage and engine frame give extreme light construction.
Portable Navigation system with the iconic iPad 12.9” Flight View EFIS gives extra flexibility to combine work and pleasure.


The sporty-looking silhouette of Kallithea is characterized by dynamism and elegance. The elegant and compact instrument panel, great proportions and the specious cockpit lend the gyroplane a confident, progressive look. The hand-made leather interior gives a further edge to the design. Every line and every detail appears to be urging forwarder.


Nothing can be more attractive than intelligence. Courage, forward thrust and curiosity drive Lightning on – innovative technologies drive it even further – a tail coming directly from the mail axes of the engine. A gyroplane, one of a kind with its own characteristics that makes you feel shivering with curiosity and excitement.

Our Factory

Our engineers, mechanics, pilots and production leaders are focused on you and your particular request. We deliver joy and happiness with every flight. We have our own carbon fiber production, including all shapes and matrix. Highly experienced welders do the assembly of all components and specialized avionic engineers give the power to our machines.


Our engineers, mechanics, pilots and production leaders are focused on you and your particular request. We deliver joy and happiness with every flight. We have our own carbon fiber production, including all shapes and matrix. Highly experienced welders do the assembly of all components and specialized avionic engineers give the power to our machines.
ISO 9001:2015
Niki Rotor Aviation Inc. is a ISO 9001:2015 company with a main focus on high quality of
each component we integrated in our gyroplanes. Quality means trust and trust
means respects.
ISO 9001:2015
Since 2018 we are happy owners of the German Type Certificate issued from Deutschen
Ultraleichtflugverbandes (DULV) that gives us reliablility in terms of optimisations,
trust, concistancy and security.


Personal Use & Recreation
Military Operations
Terrain Surveying




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