Cruise the sky!Meet Cruiser!

CRUISER combines outstanding design due to the tail construction concept and gives breathtaking view from the cockpit. The machine has a comfortable seating and luggage compartment which makes the gyroplane unique for a weekend trip.
Fully carbon fuselage and engine frame give extreme light construction.
Portable Navigation system with the iconic iPad 12.9” Flight View EFIS gives extra flexibility to combine work and pleasure.
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Empty Weight300 kg
Max. GTOW600 kg
Lenght4700 mm
Height2900 mm
Prop. Diameter1,78 m
Rotor Diameter8,8 m
Chord0,21 m
Fuel Consumption20 l/h
Fuel TypeRegular
Fuel SystemFuel Injection (iS Series)
Fuel Tank Capacity2×40 Liter
Airframe FuselageCarbon
Rotor HeadProduced by Niki Ltd.
Pre-rotator200 – 300 rpm
Power Outlet12 Volt
Engine TypeRotax 915 iS / 916 iS
Power141/160 hp
Speed Vne185 km
Min. Speed35 km/ h
Cruise Speed140-160 km/ h
Vertical Speed3 – 13 m/s
Max. Altitude3500 m
Take-off Roll0-150 m
Lading Roll0-20 m
Endurance5 h with 30 min reserve
Aluminum Rotor BladesWheels Brakes
PropellerElectric Starter and Trims
Front Glass (transparent)Dual controls
Rotor BrakesAirspeed Indicator
Removable Two Side DoorsMagnetic Compass
AltimeteriPad 12.9” FlightView EFIS
Aircraft Tyres
Faux Leather Interior (Basic)


Integration of all Rotax engines

  • High strength and aluminum alloys for aviation purposes
  • Monocot construction made of carbon fiber
  • Protective windshield made of aviation Plexiglas
  • Innovative rotor head developed and designed based on the best technical practices worldwide
  • Titanium Exhaust system
  • Beringer Brake system – leaders in the field
  • Removable doors – year-round option to fly
  • Foldable mast for easy transportation purposes and parking
  • Adjustable seats and pedals
  • The best view and comfort in the cockpit
  • Option for integration Garmin Units
  • Light and strong construction
  • No stick shake and great in-flight stability

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