NewsAERO 2023 – start of a new era


This year’s edition of AERO Fridrishshafen ended, but its end marked the beginning of a new era in gyrocopter construction – the new project of our company, the two-seater gyro – CRUISER.

AERO gave us the opportunity to present to all aviation fans something that we have been preparing for a long time and managed to create in just 4 months, especially for this event. On April 19th, visitors to the NIKI Rotor Aviation stand had the opportunity to get to know the Cruiser – the new pearl in our crown – firsthand.

Side-by-side gyrocopter made entirely of carbon, with a breathtaking panoramic view and, traditionally for our machines – unique design.

Due to its features and the layout of the pilot and passenger, the Cruiser will have more space for luggage, and most of its functions are built into a 12.9 inch tablet, because we believe that „less is more“ and for us it is a main goal to provide the most comfortable possible flight for our customers.
The engine is the well-known and tested over the years Rotax 915iS, and from the end of this year we are also preparing to use the new Rotax 916iS.

Now is the time to make your Cruiser inquiry because the first 10 people to purchase will receive special terms.
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