“Fluegel Das Magazin” on a visit of Rotor Aviation


The German journalist and professional pilot Toni Ganzmann from Germany came to a visit in Bulgaria on 25th August. He was invited by NIKI Rotor Aviation. For only three days, Mr. Ganzmann had the opportunity to explore in details gyro NIKI 2004. He gave us some useful recommendations and advices due to the technical specifications of the machine.
This experimental machine is considered to be the first and only one two-seated gyrocopter in Bulgaria. Most of the technical data are equivalent to the machines in Gyrocopter class all over Europe. The weak points of the machine will be improved and developed in the two upcoming projects – Gyrocopter NIKI 2004 M.
NIKI Rotor Aviation Team expects that the design of Gyro NIKI 2009 will be the star on the scene. Next year the first prototype should be ready for test flights. With this machine Rotor Aviation intend to apply for German or England.
Тoni Ganzmann visited also the flying field close to Montana “AVA Sport Flying”, where he examined in details the performance of Gyro NIKI 2004. He was really impressed by the rocks in Belogradchik, the lakes and the monastery close to Montana.

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