The aviation fans in Dolna Mitropolia admired Gyrocopter NIKI 2004 for performing its grace and mag


The President of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Minister of defense were special guests on the Air Festival held on 22nd and 23rd May in Dolna Mitropolia. The event gathers together aviation fans and pilots from the whole country. They share experience and show proficiency in the flying performances.
Gyrocopter NIKI 2004 made a tandem flight by flying together two other trikes. They show excellent performance and great maneuvers in the sky.
The gyrocopter’s pilot made breathtaking performance that represents his flying skills and the technical characteristic of his machine. A quick background: Nikolay Nikolov is the leading Engineer and sponsor of the whole project NIKI Gyro. He is a pilot of light airplanes (PPL).
Helmut Stern, the Director of ASC AERO Sport Connections for Europe was also part of the guest list. He is a professional pilot with more than 8000 hours, instructor, member and establisher of numerous Aviation clubs in Austria and Hungary.

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