Technical Specifications

The Best View For Two
Empty Weight 285 kg
Rotor Diamete 8,5 m
Chord Diameter 0,20 m
Propeller Diameter 1,75 m
Length 4850 mm
Height 2880 mm
Fuel Consumption 15 l/h
Fuel Type Regular
Fuel System Carburettor
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 l (65+5)
Airframe: Fuselage, landing gear, instrument panel, tail and wheel pants made of carbon
Propeller Brand based on individual request
Rotor head produced by Niki
Rotor Blade Trendak
Engine Type Rotax 912 ULS
Power 100 hp
Maximum Speed 180 km/h
Minimum Speed 35 km/h
Cruise Speed 135 km/h
Vertical Speed 3 - 5 m/s
Maximum Altitude 3000 m
Take off Roll 0 - 150 m
Landing Roll 0 - 20 m
Endurance 4 h with 30 min reserve
Engine TBO 1500 h
Rotor TBO 1500 h
Full warranty service 2 years or 300 h

Kallithea (from Greek “the best view”) is an elegant gyrocopter with spacious cockpit and marvellous view. The cabin offers tandem seat flight, adjustable carbon seats suitable for your individual comfort, main instrument panel of carbon equipped with standard avionics - airspeed indicator, variometer, altimeter and magnetic compass.

The machine has a construction made of composite and fiber glass. All elements such as wheel pants, landing gear are also produced from composite. The tail has a metal construction and together with all metal parts and elements are manufactured by Niki Ltd.

The rotor head is designed and developed by Niki’s team and has very significant technical advantages. The rotor blades are produced by Sport Copter.

Kallithea is equipped with Rotax 912 UL with 100 hp and combined cooling system.

The gyro can be designed and manufactured based on your individual need and request. All features such as colour options, on board instruments, avionics, interior comfort are optional.