Technical Specifications

When Dreams Of Flying Become A Reality
Empty Weight 300 kg
Rotor Diamete 9,14 m
Chord Diameter 0,214 m
Propeller Diameter 1,66 m, four blades
Length 4225 mm
Fuel Consumption 18 l/h
Fuel Type Regular
Fuel System Injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 l
Airframe: Fuselage, landing gear, instrument panel, tail and wheel pants from fiber glass composite
Propeller made of composite
Rotor head produced by Niki
Aluminium Rotor Blade 30’’ from Sport Copter, USA
Engine Type Subaru EJ 22
Power 150 hp
Maximum Speed 165 km/h
Minimum Speed 30 km/h
Cruise Speed 130 km/h
Vertical Speed 4 m/s
Maximum Altitude 3000 m
Take off Roll 50 - 100 m
Landing Roll 0 - 20 m
Endurance 4 h with 30 min reserve
Engine TBO 1500 h
Rotor TBO 1500 h
Full warranty service 2 years or 300 h

Apis is a regular gyrocopter who develops and improves its predecessor Niki 2004. Apis has longer cockpit and has some slight changes that increase the flight comfort. It has side-by-side seat, fully composite fuselage and tail.

This machines was the basic concept that helps Niki Rotor Aviation to invest time and efforts in developing the gyrocopter area in Bulgaria.

Apis opens new boundaries for the light aviation and presents which are the advantages of light aviation. First flights were made in 2008 during aviation event in Plovdiv. Afterwards, the gyro fans show significant increase and interests.

Now Niki Rotor Aviation can produce and equipped the machine based on your own requirements and specifications.