History and Development

Niki Rotor Aviation was created in 2010 in the Pravets. The company is known as a manufacturer of the first two-seater gyrocopter in Bulgaria.

In 2000, the company designed its first helicopter prototype. The machine was made of composite materials. Unfortunately, the helicopter does not reach the market potential required due to certain technical characteristics. However, the challenge of building a flying machine motivated the Rotor Team Aviation and in 2004 they started their new project - Gyrocopter for NIKI 2004.

Based on market research and observation, visiting many aviation shows world wide, Niki Rotor Aviation made all efforts required to make all dreams come true by manufacturing the first two-seated gyrocopter in Bulgaria. The body of the 2004 NIKI prototype was made of composite materials combined with plywood and aluminum. Gyrocopter NIKI 2004 successfully obtained the first flight test in December 2008 in Montana, Gabrovnitsa Airfield.

The improvements of NIKI 2004 set the new challenge in front of the company - the new prototype NIKI 2004 M ie APIS. This machine will be with the same design, but the cab will be with about 40 cm more.

Niki Rotor Aviation is working hard for the last couple of years and now the company is launching two brand new machines - Lighning and Kallithea. They combine very innovative elements, designers and constructive decisions. Both machines have one and the same cockpit and the main difference comes from the design of the tail and helix axis.New challenges ahead!